Property for sale in Sayalonga

Property for sale in Sayalonga, Sayalonga property for sale

Sayalonga is located 359 metres above sea level in a valley o f the same name, through which a river flows down from the surrounding mountains, traversing first through Canillas de Albaida and Archez before reaching Sayalonga , from where it continues to the sea, passing Algarrobo on its way.

This river has been all important for the survival and prosperity of the town down through the ages, because of an ingenious irrigation system, dating back centuries, which to this day irrigates the local groves and orchards of fruit trees on the lower slopes. Sayalonga is famous for its nisperos and there is even a fiesta dedicated to the fruit - Día del Níspero, when visitors have the opportunity to try it. The other predominant crops are olive, almond and recently avocado plantations have been added, flourishing because of this reliable source of water.

The village itself is built along the ridge of a low mountain, and along this ridge runs a street, lined with typical Spanish whitewashed houses, leading to the white Church of San Pedro, beautifully outlined on the backdrop of the majestic Sierra Tejeda mountains.

Sayalonga has a rich and turbulent history, which can be found in historical guidebooks, but today Sayalonga offers the visitor the beauty and tranquillity of narrow winding streets, cobbled, shaded plazas with great cafes and bars, and a relaxed, easy-going lifestyle in a wonderful, sunny climate.